Scale Foundations

Scale foundations have been a large part of our company for many years. We have experience in a wide array of pit and pitless type foundations, for most of the common scale manufactures. Including rail scales, rail-truck combos, and a variety of grain dump scales.

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Grain Systems & Bin Pads

We have done grain dumps, dryer and leg pads, wash out slabs, and bin pads from feed bins for livestock buildings, to large storage bins for grain elevators and farm operations.

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We do complete construction of livestock buildings and shops. We can either design and construct the whole building for you, or just do the concrete portion. We will also remodel or add on to your existing buildings, replace slats and beams, and clean the solids from your existing barn pits.

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Beery Concrete has been doing quality concrete work since 1991, and then in 2005 we saw a need and started doing agriculture construction to provide a turnkey option for many of our Agriculture customers. We strive to provide quality work, and to make sure our customers are completely satisfied at the end of our project. Give us a call and let us quote your next project.